Is your cleaning company insured?

Cleaning offices is a professional business and requires skills to train and manage employees. Like any good contract service provider, reputable cleaning companies carry general liability insurance to protect you from losses such as injuries or possible theft caused by their employees while at your facility. Your cleaning company should provide its certificate of insurance as evidence that it can provide the required financial protection in the event of a loss. 

Each province also requires cleaning companies to provide workers’ compensation coverage to pay employees' medical and disability expenses for injuries or illnesses resulting from job-related duties.

To protect your company, request certificates of insurance from your cleaning company and all service providers. Verify the certificates are current and in good standing.  A certificate of insurance provides numerous items of information including: named insured, agent/broker issuing the certificate, policy numbers, effective and expiration dates, types of policies, limits of insurance and key coverage details.

Make sure you are covered, by ensuring that your cleaning company is covered.